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Do women have to give money? What if I write a letter to a lady who is not golden?
As you know all girls on this online site have to go through necessary checking. The women who passed this checking are Perfect. We own more than 5600 gold brides on our dating site who can transmit notes and reply to boys. They are free for communication and are really perfect and excellent.


 Anna 29 y.o.
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  Anna 29 y.o.
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I desire to purchase an address of a woman that I have seen on your dating site. How much should I pay for it?
It's a pity, but our company hasn't any right to give ladies' telephone numbers to some men. A boy has to make registration on the site, create his personal profile, give money for subscription and only after that communicate with the young lady. In fact the lady decides to give or not.

I had unpleasant experience with your Russian sites because there are a lot of scammers there. How are you solving this trouble?
Scammers are very alarming and they truly are a great problem for our online site. You are aware of the fact that scammers may without trouble change their names, info, mail addresses, photos, etc. Now there are a a great number of varied scammers and we are constantly fighting with them. But it is very difficult work as scammers are mainly connected with a number of skilled criminal groups that are working in shifts.

Single woman

I want to pay but I have a question first, a few nice women answered me, and I wish to communicate with them. If I give you money, when will they get messages, will they be transmited to their home addresses?
The girls on our site have entrance to Internet, they make registration themselves, they create messages themselves. If a young lady has answered to you on the dating site, it means that you can write to her and she will look through her mail when she will be next day on the site. You can even find her online dating site and transmit to her a message and wait for her reply. Some of our couples have the possibility to exchange 40-60 small messages each other all the term when they are both online.
Is it real for me to use your dating agency and meet a good young lady if I am not single?
No, we cannot assist married men or women as our dating site is a serious place where people make an attempt to find their soul mate and be pleased in marriage.

Single Russian woman

For what reason do I need to purchase a subscription? I was on some online dating sites where I spent money and it was a failure.
Online site support is a complicated and massive work.
Dating site assistance is a very difficult work. Usually it includes manager's responsibilities, such as to work with photographs, to upload the most wonderful photographs of the women and to glance over the photographs on the dating site. It's a common thing to see pornographic or stripped pictures of guys on the dating agency, but I'm persuaded serious girls never contact with such boys.
The following occupation of our manager is a work with scammers. All men are conscious that there are a huge number of Russian woman -scammers online dating. Thus, our dating agency makes its private anti-scam program to block out unneeded scammers. So, online you can find the file of scammers and the depiction of their affairs on our online site. We do not want people to waste their money and that's why our dating site is a safe and secure place for speaking.
Today there is aterrible scammer, named "Nigerian" scam, on a number of famous dating sites. It carries out like this: a good-looking man or girl from USA (a dream of any woman or guy) registers on the dating site; he or she uploads excellent, brilliant photographs and gives money from hooky credit cards. When they go to Nigeria it happens so that they need some quick help. Usually they ask 700-900 American dollars from men and 200-300 usd from young ladies. So, you see it's very risky to chat with such scammers. Our dating site doesn't like when such hurtful things to occur and that's why we as well fight with these scammers not to have your soul to be hurted.
To answer lots of questions, to help in resolving some difficulties, to work with complains is also a significant task of our prime manager.
To have a lot of Russian women on the site promoting in the Internet for men and girls is needed.
The site should work fast and as hot woman and guys are far from each other commited good quality servers in varied parts of the world are required
And the final here, but not the ultimate in the list of expenses is the occupation of programmers, system administrator. There workers are obliged to see through the dating site to make it safe and perfect for visitors place to be.
I suppose that you spent your money on the sites where private information are sold. It is invaluable for this type of dating sites to check very severely scammers (as you know, the nicest photos and the best profiles scammers have: ). All scammers sell private information and so it is more easy not to update outdated base, not delete nice girls who found previously their soul mate or who transformed their personal info dating site.
This site is a usual subscription type. We are searching for women who are perfectly looking, who answer letters, who are natural. We possess about 6000 women now in our base and we provide security and accessibility for our clients.

To begin with, contrary to wide-spread belief, Russia takes far from the first place in the world in using alcohol. It is just being the streets and society in drank state and ill-considered words spoken in it, has far less consequences in Russia, than in , for example, USA. That's why there is no need to hide and drink alone at home- alcoholics are all in full view. As for living standards, It is really lower in Russia than in the developed countries of Europe and USA, but not to such extent, that a question of survival was of importance.


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The opinion about self-control and anxiety of  hot Russian woman model is formed mostly at men who tried to communicate with them on different dating sites. Internet in Russia is not yet a widely used method of communication and contact. That's why this method of dating arouses some tension. Besides, not all Russian woman model has fluent English and it adds to their discomfort. Also, an "iron curtain" for many years makes its impact, Russian people have very rough idea of mentality, moral-ethics values, norms of communication with people from different countries. It concerns also Russian living abroad.

Many Russian women , who communicate with men through Internet, actually seem reserved and anxious. They write short standard phrases in their letters and profiles, they think long about their replies. But they do it not from self-control of their character, but because of lack of experience and practice in international communication. They are afraid to be wrong understood, to be seen not in the best light and by ignorance or carelessness to hurt men's feelings.

But in life Russian women, as well as men, are open, communicative and emotional. They can easily

What are a few of pieces of information to bear in mind when building my profile?
If you desire to find a large amount of smart girls, you need to have a nice profile. The first important point is your photograph: make an attempt to upload the most excellent picture because profiles with pictures receive more letters in comparison with profiles that don't possess one. The next advice is show your initiative: talk with your woman as much as you can. Ask your lady about her work position, country where she's living, hobbies, tastes and a number of other themes that are curious for her. And the last and very substantial point is the greater you describe your personal information, the more answers you will collect. If can't consider anything right away, you all the time are able to add more lately. And don't fail to remember to give answers to optional questions in your profile in order to create it more extensive.

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